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Jenna's Journal

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Thursday, November 24th, 2005
5:05 pm
oops. dont read that Trav. <33 ya!

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Tuesday, November 22nd, 2005
3:33 am
im alive. nothing new has really happened. my son will be a year old in a week... i got a new boyfriend, we broke up in a month... we're still friends tho... sort of... i think... hes an ass. but i hate all men. so he never had a chance.


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Thursday, September 29th, 2005
3:03 am
Kaleb turned 10 months 2 days ago. omg hes getting so big! he says 'dada' now. sort of. hes so cute! Alex is still useless. we talk but thats all. thats all i want too. its getting annoying being the one to call him. i dont have time for his shit. its okay when hes around i guess... but i prefer him far away at this point.

how r u guys?

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Monday, August 8th, 2005
3:51 pm
hi :] its been awhile... Kaleb is 8 months now... and Alex is... around. sort of. he still hasnt seen his kid but hes talking to me. its a start. anyway... i hope u guys are good. :]

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Saturday, June 25th, 2005
7:33 pm
honeys was gross. there were used condoms all over the floor, and the manager started telling girls to suck dick for money. deja vu is much nicer ;] i love it there. and i make more money. the baby is good. hes getting better at crawling. alex still isnt around, but im not surprised. i dont care anymore either.

what else...? i want a new car, but getting a loan is a bitch. i have no credit. anyways, im headed home. later!

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Sunday, May 29th, 2005
3:53 pm
heyy girls. just checkin up on ya. let me know how your all doing ;]

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Wednesday, May 25th, 2005
2:59 am
im alive. i moved out of my mom's. and now i have a place of my own with my son :] hes good. he'll be 6 months old on friday. daddy's still not around. hes seen him twice, and finally learned his name a week ago as of child support papers.

me and the DJ at work hooked up. lol. almost. its not an official thing, but it might as well be. hes not really my type, but my type hasnt done me very much good.

if you didnt know, im a stripper. its not as bad as people think. most of those girls are married. its actually kind of fun. good money too.

my moms house is always freezing cold, i can barely type. so im out. peace

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Sunday, April 24th, 2005
5:32 pm
tanabe2122: yo u work tonight?
AnqelSparx: ya
tanabe2122: oh ok
AnqelSparx: r u coming to my work? lol
AnqelSparx: i saw some guy there hs last nigt
tanabe2122: no
tanabe2122: is chris still living with u?
AnqelSparx: omg... fuck yea. he wants to live there another fucking month
AnqelSparx: he wont go away
tanabe2122: well uhm
tanabe2122: thats hella gay
tanabe2122: im sorry
tanabe2122: haha
AnqelSparx: me too ;[
tanabe2122: well i was gonna see if u would gimme ur key to ur workout room and like i was gonna get drunk and go work out like a complete idiot and then probably pass out in your bed while u come home from work and kick me out and i sleep on the floor... but since chris is there! lol
tanabe2122: j/k
AnqelSparx: ...u can sleep on the couch with chris
tanabe2122: im gonna completely forget you said that
AnqelSparx: lol
AnqelSparx: but hes sexy!!
tanabe2122: once again
AnqelSparx: ok whos sexier... alex... or chris
tanabe2122: im gonna completely forget you said that
tanabe2122: me
AnqelSparx: no seriously!
tanabe2122: im being serious
AnqelSparx: lol
tanabe2122: oh i didnt tell u what went on with me and megan did i
AnqelSparx: probably the usual...
AnqelSparx: u fucked her.. she went psycho
tanabe2122: uhm well
AnqelSparx: how r those capris
tanabe2122: wow ur smart. but it goes deeper in depth this time
AnqelSparx: oh god
tanabe2122: yes we had sex but im not gonna go into it right now
AnqelSparx: thank u
tanabe2122: now u see if CHRIS wasnt there i could get drunk and then u would get home from work and i would be all in a drunken state and tell u every little thing possible hahahah
AnqelSparx: u will anyway eventually
AnqelSparx: u cant keep ur life secret
tanabe2122: yes i can
AnqelSparx: or anyone elses
tanabe2122: im so gonna passout tonight in ur bed tho
AnqelSparx: um ok
tanabe2122: how much liquor u got? the liquor stores are closed today and i dont drink beer anymore. im so pissed. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
AnqelSparx: not much
tanabe2122: how gay
AnqelSparx: im drinking most of it tonite
AnqelSparx: so what happened with u and megan...?
tanabe2122: LEAVE ME SOME!!!!! yager?
AnqelSparx: ya
tanabe2122: no. ur not getting ANYTHING out of me until im drunk
AnqelSparx: oh ok
tanabe2122: uhm leave me some yager and tell chris im coming over and if he throws a hissy fit tell him ill dickslap him! no. im just kidding. dont tell him that!
AnqelSparx: gross
tanabe2122: lol
tanabe2122: ill teabag him!
AnqelSparx: well... meet m at my place at 6-- SHUT UP!!!! THATS SO SICK
tanabe2122: no way! are you kidding me? i wasnt planning on coming until like 9 or so. i JUST fixed my computer. it crashed on me so now i have to reload everything
AnqelSparx: i have to work!!
tanabe2122: chris will be there! just tell him im probably gona come over and that im gonna get drunk, work out and pass out in ur bed!
AnqelSparx: omg fine
tanabe2122: lol
tanabe2122: good!
AnqelSparx: just be nice to my cat
tanabe2122: leave me some yager. enough to get me drunk! i REALLY dont wanna have to go buy a beer. im doing so well on my calories! lol
tanabe2122: A CAT?!
tanabe2122: LOL
tanabe2122: oh im gonna have some fun with that cat
AnqelSparx: NO!
tanabe2122: yes! i HATE cats!
AnqelSparx: no workout if ur mean to her
AnqelSparx: no yager either!
tanabe2122: fine :(
tanabe2122: ill be nice!
AnqelSparx: k good
tanabe2122: im going to make myself a sandwich
tanabe2122: whats ur building # thingy agin?
tanabe2122: E107?
AnqelSparx: ya
tanabe2122: k tell chris im coming at around like 9 or 10 or so
tanabe2122: i cant believe ur letting him stay there
tanabe2122: ur such a fag
tanabe2122: lol
AnqelSparx: he probably wont even be there
tanabe2122: well uhh
AnqelSparx: shut up!! i felt bad
tanabe2122: if hes not there how do i get in!!??
AnqelSparx: the side door
tanabe2122: oh ok. the sliding door thingy u mean?
tanabe2122: by the tv?
AnqelSparx: ya
tanabe2122: dood ur apartment is nice tho. i like it
tanabe2122: PROPS!
AnqelSparx: thanks
AnqelSparx: aww is joshy being nice
tanabe2122: no
tanabe2122: shutup
AnqelSparx: lol
tanabe2122: leave me yager and the KEYCARD or whatever i need to get into the workout room and DO NOT PUSH ME OFF YOUR BED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
tanabe2122: lol
AnqelSparx: ...but thats the fun part
AnqelSparx: OH SHiT
tanabe2122: :(
tanabe2122: WHAt
AnqelSparx: u can manage putting sheets on yourself right?
AnqelSparx: theyre in the dryer
tanabe2122: haha ya. ill be drunk doing it. I SLEEP IN MY BOXERS BY THE WAY LOL
AnqelSparx: whatever. ull be next to chris
tanabe2122: no shutup
tanabe2122: dont say that
tanabe2122: asshole
AnqelSparx: lol
tanabe2122: LEAVE ME YAGER, KEYCARD OR KEY OR WHATEVER TO GET INTO THE WORKOUT ROOM and ya. see u when u get home!
AnqelSparx: ok fine
tanabe2122: im gong to make a sandwich
AnqelSparx: bye
AnqelSparx: i have to go to work
tanabe2122: adios

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Monday, April 4th, 2005
4:35 pm
My new LJ

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Tuesday, March 22nd, 2005
3:48 am
im getting a new car. a 2000 Civic EX. after making $400 in 4 hours i figure i can handle the payments. i might not have the most respectable job, but fuck that. who else can make $20 every 3 minutes. $20 a dance, one song per dance. and all i have to do is go up and down on some guy and shove my tits in his face. and for some reason they want more every time. usually i can get just about every guy to give me $100. im not sure what im doing right, but im doing a damn good job.

and what other job can you say "im not coming to work because im having a bitchy day. and im fat today." its tight.

the only down side is working with 20 bitches. i guess i danced with some girls customer and he gave me $140. so she gave him a dance and dug her nails into him. he was fucking bleeding. chill out, ho.

i would get a new Civic, but i dont like the style. i like the 2000 i guess. maybe because thats what Alex has, but fuck him. its just pretty!

i talked to him maybe 2 weeks ago... he knows im a stripper. lol. i wonder what he thinks of that. really, i just want to go kick it with him again. my life would kick ass if he was still around. damnit. Alex, i miss you like fucking crazy.

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Friday, March 18th, 2005
4:40 pm
i started dancing at Honey's last night. i made... $150. not bad for my first night. the first guy i danced with was some old guy. lol. he was gross, but gave me $50 for 2 dances. $50 for shaking your ass in some guy's face for 2 songs. a total of 6 minutes.

and some mexican guy stuck his fingers up my pussy and held me down and tried to make me fuck him. he pulled his dick out and tried to shove it up me. im so dead serious. no fucking joke. it took me forever to get him to let go. and the fucker only gave me $20. he wasnt even going to give me that. anyway, my manager, Caleb kicked him out.

other than that, its a cool job. not... "respectable" but i make a lot of money. and its more fun than sitting at some desk all day, or serving food to crabby customers who might give you $2 for a tip if your lucky.

how many jobs let you run around in your panties and turn guys on, get paid a lot, then leave. its tight. the only bad part is paying Honey's the $100 to work every night. i get 7 free nights though ;]

I put the money I make into my bank account, and use that as my rent. i heard sometimes you dont even make anything so your fucked and owe money. its just easier to have it in my account there to pay them if i dont make anything.

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Wednesday, March 9th, 2005
9:33 pm
this is tight...

1) YOUR PORN STAR NAME - (name of first pet + street you live on): Mollie Paradise
2) YOUR MOVIE STAR NAME - (grandmother's first name + favorite snack): Hope Goldfish
3) YOUR FASHION DESIGNER NAME - (first word you see on your left + favorite restaurant): Imation Chan
4) YOUR FOREIGN NAME - (favorite spice girl + last foreign vacation spot): Baby Canada (lol. its not really foreign but i havent been anywhere!)
5) YOUR SOCIALITE NAME - (silliest childhood nickname + first town where you partied): Angel Bothell
6) YOUR "FLY GIRL/GUY" NAME - (first initial + first three letters of your last name): A. Bra
7) YOUR DETECTIVE NAME - (favorite animal + name of high school): Cat Woodinville
8) YOUR BARFLY NAME - (last snack food you ate + your favorite alcoholic drink): Chicken Mudslide
9) YOUR SOAP OPERA NAME - (middle name + street where you first lived): Leigh Old Woodinville
10) YOUR ROCK STAR NAME - (favorite candy + favorite musicians last name): Twizzler Raymond
11) YOUR "POPULAR" NAME - (favorite celebrity's first name + best friend's street name): Christina 186th? lol.

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Wednesday, March 2nd, 2005
6:05 pm
happy birthday Josh!

thats the guy i had sex with last night. so we were over at Janette's watching Gilmore Girls and One Tree Hill. after, Janette was texting 2 hott guys and we were teasing them hella and saying we'll send pics of us. anyway... we went into Janette's room and Josh started taking pics of us on my camera phone with only our bra and thong. i felt like such a slut it was so fun! lol. anyway, we sent the pics to the guys, and me and Josh left cuz Janette had to work today.

Josh and i were texting back and forth on the way home and talking about Janette. i guess we turned him on! lol. Josh went to go hang out with some girl Lauren that i guess is really into him. and we kept texting each other about having sex, and if it would be weird since we're like best friends, and if we could keep it without strings attached. since we both like each other, but neither one of us want a relationship because im in love with Alex, and hes in love with Megan. so i met him at his house at like 2 in the morning and we went to Motel 6. lol! of all places... and... had sex. it hurt so bad. i was really tight cuz i havent had sex in like a year, and after having a baby i was still sore. so it felt kinda like my first time. it wasnt bad, i mean he was good. it was just me.

soo... happy birthday Josh! lol. like your present?

oh yea... and the slutty part, is that Janette... my other best friend after Aimee.. really likes Josh. REALLY likes Josh. and thinks he so hot, and whatever. its kind of an unwritten rule to not fuck the guy your friend likes. she'll never know, right?

current mood: happy

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Thursday, February 24th, 2005
12:21 am
so Josh called me at like 5ish today to hang out. he said he was going to call Shelby and Jenna and we'll go kick it at like 6 or something. 10:00 he finally calls back and says hes going to Nina's for an hour than we can hang out. its 12:30 and he still hasnt called. he just expects me to wait for him. fuck. that. im so tired of his bullshit. am i crazy to be so pissed off? i just feel like everyone else is more important, and its ok to make me wait around for hours. like he can make time for everyone else but not me. i did the same thing with Alex. and im not going to do it with Josh.

current mood: annoyed

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Saturday, February 19th, 2005
9:28 pm
vaguely do i remember getting into a car accident. two years ago? it wasnt very important. no one really cared. no one died or went to the hospital or anything. i got a bruise. i remember that. less than an hour ago i got a summons for court.

im being sued for over $500,000.

apparently the bitch that's suing me is somehow "mentally damaged" from a 17 year old girl tapping the back of her car, and has "premanent injuries." she was walking when i saw her. she was perfectly fine. this is insurance fraud. and theres nothing i can do about it. its $10,000 up front to take it to trial. obviously i dont have that. so im stuck.

shes also suing another 17 year old and her parents for hitting her a month earlier. how convenient. oh no, definetely not insurance fraud. she doesnt work, she gets disabilty, and sues every young girl that runs into her.

accidents are easily preventable. yea, the person whos fault it is should have been more careful, but she LET it happen to get money. all this bitch wants is money.

if anyone has any secrets to get out of this... i dont have $500,000 to hand over to some whore who screws people over because her lazy ass cant get up and go to a job like the rest of us who work our asses off to hand our money over to her because shes just FUCKiNG LAZY.

omg ive never been this pissed off.

current mood: pissed off

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Tuesday, February 15th, 2005
9:44 pm
fOnkAsm206: hey wat was that free dating website
AnqelSparx: huh?
fOnkAsm206: u sed u knew a free dating website
fOnkAsm206: better than match.com
AnqelSparx: i dont...
fOnkAsm206: damnit
fOnkAsm206: yes u do
AnqelSparx: u could always find someone not off the internet
fOnkAsm206: umm no
fOnkAsm206: u know u told me sum website but i 4got
AnqelSparx: im sorry your life sucks then
fOnkAsm206: m
fOnkAsm206: y wont u tell me
AnqelSparx: because i dont know
AnqelSparx: i dont sit online all day and hope someone with IM me and wanna date me
AnqelSparx: my life consists of dating resources broader than the internet

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Monday, February 7th, 2005
10:54 pm
i got a number from a guy at mcdonalds! lol! he was cute tho. so ill call him later tonite or tomorrow. ive been looking for cheap apartments lately. i have to get away from my mom.

she is driving me crazy. she was talking to my son today and telling him that i dont love him! what the fuck! and being dead serious. who tells a baby that theyre mom doesnt love them? anyway... Crossing Jordan is on <33

current mood: awake

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Wednesday, February 2nd, 2005
10:56 pm
i need a 4 door... i keep hitting my baby in the head every time i try and put him in the back of my car. a 2 door just isnt working.


current mood: bored

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Tuesday, February 1st, 2005
10:48 pm
i GOT iNTO MEDiCAL SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg im soo happy. i start at Cascadia for pre reqs... since the UW isnt taking inside staters for a few months, and then come September im off to eastern WA!! im so excited. im signing up for classes now... whoever thought me, of all people would actually get in? who thought i would ever even try? i never did. but anyway, im pretty happy right about now. if it werent for my baby i wouldnt even be here. i'd still be partying every night and working at mcdonalds for the rest of my life. but omg im going to medical school!!!! i love saying it

current mood: excited

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Saturday, January 29th, 2005
4:50 pm
hung out with Kurt last night... until some creepy guy showed up and i ended up calling everyone i knew for a ride back to my car. yes, even Alex was called. thats how creepy he was. i finally got ahold of Aimee and we went over to Nora's. thats a huge girl. it was hella fun tho. talking shit about everyone we knew in high school ;]

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